Tides and Currents

The Canadian Tide & Current Tables and the Canadian Current Atlas – Juan de Fuca to Strait of Georgia are both published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service.  The Atlas is invaluable for forecasting tidal currents within the area. The Atlas is a one-time purchase, but each year you must buy a booklet of tables that direct you to the appropriate Atlas currents map for that specific date & time. Ports and Passages and Murray’s Tables publish these yearly updates.  Interestingly, there is sometimes sizeable disparity in their projections.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides online predictions for US waters and Canadian sites along the border.  This is a convenient source for boaters in our area.  Below are selected sites in the Juan de Fuca & Haro Strait area:



Discovery Island, 3.3 mi. NNE

Southern section of Haro Strait.  Closest secondary reference point to Baynes Channel, so slack water times in the Channel will vary.  Personal observations indicate that currents in Baynes Channel can flow up to 5 kts. or more, so use extreme caution when transiting Baynes Channel.

Note: Never base important decisions on this or any information obtained from the Internet! Use at your own risk.
Discovery Island, 3 mi. SSE
Strait of Juan de Fuca; eastern entrance
Trial Island; 5.2 SSW
Strait of Juan de Fuca, approx. mid-channel between Trial Island and the Olympic Peninsula.
Mosquito Pass, San Juan Island (tides)
Tidal chart for the narrow pass approaching Roche Harbor from the south.  Can extrapolate currents
Kellet Bluff, west of
San Juan Island. Near Kelp Reef in Haro Strait
Speiden Channel, East Entrance
Limestone Point, San Juan Island
San Juan Channel, North
Spring Passage, south of (NOAA)
San Juan Channel, mid Channel
Near Friday Harbor. Pear Point, 1.1 mi. E (NOAA)
San Juan Channel, South Entrance
Cattle Point.  Substantial tidal currents at peak flood/ebb.
Turn Point, Boundary Pass
Western point of Stuart Island.  Shipping channel turns 90 degrees off this point.
Boundary Pass
Between Pender and Stuart Island; 1.7 mi W of Waldron Island
Strait of Juan de Fuca, mid-channel to Admiralty Inlet
New Dungeness Light, 6 mi NNE
Entrance to Admiralty Inlet; Puget Sound
Point Wilson, 0.5 mi. NE