About This Location

StationThe Ten Mile Point Weather Station is located on the coastline of Ten Mile Point (NE of Cadboro Bay in Victoria, BC), positioned at the eastern entrance of Baynes Channel and Haro Strait. It is sited to accurately measure the conditions on this busy waterway between Victoria and the US San Juan Islands. Winds (and currents) accelerate as the channel narrows between the Point and Chatham Island, often creating unique local conditions that can make a challenging passage for both sail and power boaters.

The water off the Point is a protected Marine Reserve, and is popular with scuba divers and kayakers. Sea life abounds; with many species of waterfowl, otters, seals, and orcas enjoying the rich upwelling waters.

About This Station

StationThe weather station is a professional Vantage Pro2 station designed by Davis Instruments that measures wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and rainfall. Data are transmitted via a wireless connection to a local server every 10 seconds, and then uploaded to the website. The wind anemometer is located on the coastline 45 feet above sea level, and has highly accurate direct measurement of sea breezes from the north, east and south.
Special thanks to John Vincent for station maintenance and support.

Radar images and moon/sun almanac info are courtesy of Environment Canada. Primary forecast information is also provided be E-C, based on Victoria Harbour data. Also. this Weather Station predicts 1-day forecasts based on local conditions (for comparison purposes). That said, never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from this site or the Internet.

About This Website

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